Economic indicators and bond news

Economic indicators as of 12/04/2016

Consumer credit rate Consumer price index Federal budget (BLN)
Housing starts (MLN) Jobless claims (000) Unemployment 4.6
Federal funds rate 0.4100 3 month LIBOR

Bond news

12/03/2016, 03:28 PM ESTFor now, Trump bears signs of a dealmaker, not a policymaker
12/02/2016, 05:13 PM ESTMunicipal-bond week in review: Yields climb again
12/02/2016, 04:19 PM ESTWeekly Forex Wrap: USD/JPY Extends Winning Streak, But Dollar Index Ends Lower First Time in Four Weeks
12/02/2016, 03:57 PM ESTU.S. TREASURIES: Monday Event Agenda
12/02/2016, 03:56 PM ESTU.S. TREASURIES: Bonds Trim Gains in Late Position Squaring - 10-Year 2.39%
12/02/2016, 03:24 PM ESTCANADA ECONOMICS: Canada Week Ahead
12/02/2016, 03:16 PM ESTCANADA ECONOMICS: Canadian Bond Market Summary
12/02/2016, 02:51 PM EST--U.S. TREASURIES: Yield Update: 30-yr 3.059%, -0.036;10-yr 2.389%, -0.052; 5-yr 1.829%, -0.066; 2-yr 1.112% -0.035
12/02/2016, 02:50 PM ESTU.S. TREASURIES: Bonds Stall in Range Off Highs - 10-Year 2.389%
12/02/2016, 02:17 PM ESTCANADA ECONOMICS: CIBC Previews Next Week's Bank of Canada Policy Statement
12/02/2016, 02:07 PM ESTU.S. ECONOMICS: Fed Governor Tarullo Warns of 'Backsliding' on Bank Regulations
12/02/2016, 02:06 PM ESTCANADA ECONOMICS: The Canadian Job Market Keeps Advancing, Says Desjardins
12/02/2016, 02:02 PM ESTU.S. ECONOMICS: Fed Operations
12/02/2016, 01:59 PM ESTCANADA ECONOMICS: National Bank's Domestic Bond Tracker for November
12/02/2016, 01:47 PM ESTECONOMICS: National Bank Lookahead: International
12/02/2016, 01:44 PM ESTECONOMICS: National Bank Lookahead: United States
12/02/2016, 01:42 PM EST--U.S. TREASURIES: Yield Update: 30-yr 3.048%, -0.047;10-yr 2.381%, -0.06; 5-yr 1.824%, -0.071; 2-yr 1.112% -0.035
12/02/2016, 01:38 PM ESTCANADA ECONOMICS: National Bank Lookahead: Canada
12/02/2016, 12:48 PM ESTMidday Update: Stocks Mixed as Dow Retreats, Nasdaq Regains Footing on Rebound in Tech Shares
12/02/2016, 11:41 AM ESTDow Flat as Banking Sector Retreats; Mixed Jobs Report
12/02/2016, 11:00 AM ESTU.S. ECONOMICS: Fed Likely to Stick to Gradual Rate Hikes - Action Economics
12/02/2016, 10:53 AM ESTU.S. ECONOMICS: Dollar Continues to Slide Post-Payroll Data
12/02/2016, 10:46 AM ESTU.S. TREASURIES: Bonds Head Higher on Jobs Data; Consolidate Near Highs - 10-Year 2.383%
12/02/2016, 10:42 AM EST--U.S. TREASURIES: Yield Update: 30-yr 3.056%, -0.039;10-yr 2.385%, -0.056; 5-yr 1.824%, -0.071; 2-yr 1.108% -0.039
12/02/2016, 10:00 AM ESTItaly's Referendum Has Potential to Force Country Out of Euro, Triggering Snowball Effect; Bring Down Banks
12/02/2016, 09:38 AM ESTCANADA ECONOMICS: Canadian Jobs Data Beat Expectations, But Deeper Look Finds a Mixed Report
12/02/2016, 09:25 AM ESTU.S. ECONOMICS: Payrolls Beats But Wages Miss; Unemployment Rate Hit August 2007 Lows
12/02/2016, 09:17 AM ESTECONOMICS: Yields, Equities Lower Ahead of Italian Referendum Sunday
12/02/2016, 09:01 AM EST--U.S. TREASURIES: Yield Update: 30-yr 3.09%, -0.005;10-yr 2.43%, -0.011; 5-yr 1.875%, -0.02; 2-yr 1.14% -0.007
12/02/2016, 08:59 AM ESTU.S. ECONOMICS: Dollar Stumbles on Shrinking Average Hourly Earnings
12/02/2016, 08:55 AM ESTCURRENCIES: Loonie, Greenback React to Jobs Data
12/02/2016, 08:51 AM ESTCANADA ECONOMICS: Job Growth Reverses Course in November, Beats Expectations
12/02/2016, 08:48 AM ESTU.S. TREASURIES: Headline Payrolls Surprises to Upside; 4.6% Rate Lowest Since Mid-2007
12/02/2016, 08:47 AM ESTCANADA ECONOMICS: Productivity Growth Rises 1.2% in Q3, Says StatsCan
12/02/2016, 08:43 AM EST-- Sebastian Lavoie of Laurentian Bank Tells BNN Drop in Unemployment Rate to 6.8% Was a Big Improvement Overall
12/02/2016, 08:41 AM EST-- Sebastian Lavoie of Laurentian Bank Tells BNN Positive Jobs Numbers in November is Excellent News for Canada
12/02/2016, 08:38 AM ESTCANADA ECONOMICS: Statistics Canada on Jobs Data
12/02/2016, 08:32 AM EST-- CANADA ECONOMICS BRIEF: Canada Gains 11k Jobs in November vs. Expectations of -15k, Unemployment Rate Falls to 6.8%
12/02/2016, 08:28 AM ESTECONOMICS: U.S. Payrolls Take the Focus Away from Trump
12/02/2016, 08:27 AM EST--U.S. TREASURIES: Yield Update: 30-yr 3.071%, -0.024;10-yr 2.427%, -0.014; 5-yr 1.877%, -0.018; 2-yr 1.14% -0.007
12/02/2016, 08:25 AM ESTU.S. ECONOMICS: Employment Preview - Consensus: Payrolls 170,000; Rate 4.9%; Wages 0.2%; Hours 34.4
12/02/2016, 08:11 AM ESTU.S. ECONOMICS: Risk-Off Trade Weighs on USD/JPY
12/02/2016, 08:03 AM ESTCanadian Market Outlook
12/02/2016, 07:57 AM EST-- CANADA ECONOMICS BRIEF: Bank of Canada To Auction $700M of Bonds on December 8; Maturity Date of December 2047 and Coupon Rate of 1.25
12/02/2016, 07:57 AM ESTCURRENCIES: N.Y. FX Outlook
12/02/2016, 07:53 AM ESTECONOMICS: Markets Await Key Jobs Data
12/02/2016, 07:48 AM ESTECONOMICS: BMO Looks Ahead to Canadian Jobs Data
12/02/2016, 07:43 AM ESTECONOMICS: BMO Previews Jobs Data in U.S
12/02/2016, 07:37 AM ESTECONOMICS: BMO Surveys Overnight Market Action
12/02/2016, 07:10 AM ESTECONOMICS: European Fixed Income Update

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