Economic indicators and bond news

Economic indicators as of 05/20/2018

Consumer credit rate Consumer price index 0.2 Federal budget (BLN) 214.00
Housing starts (MLN) 1.287 Jobless claims (000) Unemployment
Federal funds rate 1.6900 3 month LIBOR

Bond news

05/18/2018, 04:42 PM EDTUS TREASURIES: Monday Event Agenda
05/18/2018, 04:40 PM EDTUS TREASURIES: Bond Prices Head Out Higher But Remain Well Off on Week -- 10-Year 3.065%
05/18/2018, 04:38 PM EDTClose Update: Wall Street Defensive as Trade Talks Continue, Dow Buoyed by Industrials
05/18/2018, 04:30 PM EDTS&P Revises Herbalife Nutrition Outlook to Stable from Negative
05/18/2018, 04:22 PM EDTWhat rising interest rates mean for savers, borrowers
05/18/2018, 04:13 PM EDTMarkets Right Now: Mixed finish for US stocks on Wall Street
05/18/2018, 03:56 PM EDTWeekly Forex Close: U.S. Dollar Extends Winning Streak as Treasury Yields Set 7-Yr Highs
05/18/2018, 03:31 PM EDTU.S. Stocks Mixed With Trade Talks Weighing on Investor Confidence
05/18/2018, 02:53 PM EDTU.S. TREASURIES: Bond Prices Slow the Roll Higher; Treasury Supply Ahead -- 10-Year 3.067%
05/18/2018, 02:32 PM EDTCANADA ECONOMICS: Canadian Bond Market Summary
05/18/2018, 01:47 PM EDTUS TREASURIES: Federal Reserve Operations
05/18/2018, 01:22 PM EDTItalian stocks and bonds roiled by populist program
05/18/2018, 01:00 PM EDTMid-Day Update: Wall Street Buffeted by Trade Headlines
05/18/2018, 11:56 AM EDTUS ECONOMICS: Quarterly Services Sector Shows Gains; Q1 GDP to Hold at 2.3% -- Action Economics
05/18/2018, 11:41 AM EDTWall Street Whipsawed on Trade, Geopolitical Headlines
05/18/2018, 11:37 AM EDTUS TREASURIES: Bond Prices Correct Higher Ahead of Weekend - 10-Year 3.075%
05/18/2018, 10:47 AM EDTItaly Bond Rout Deepens
05/18/2018, 09:24 AM EDTWall Street Surrenders Overnight Gains as Trade Talks Come Into Focus
05/18/2018, 09:17 AM EDTCanada Action: Yields Spike Lower
05/18/2018, 09:01 AM EDTCANADA ECONOMICS: Canadian Bond Market Update
05/18/2018, 08:25 AM EDTUS TREASURIES: Bond Price Rise Aided by European Confusion; Safety and Squaring Adds Support - 10-Year 3.10%
05/18/2018, 08:22 AM EDTWall Street Shrugs Off News From China and Italy, Focusing Instead on Lower Treasury Yields
05/18/2018, 08:07 AM EDTCANADA ECONOMICS: CPI, Retail Sales Data Provide Last Significant Input Pre-BoC
05/18/2018, 07:52 AM EDTUS ECONOMICS: Cleveland Fed's Mester Sees Fed Close to Goals
05/18/2018, 07:43 AM EDTEuropean Stock Markets Mostly Down
05/18/2018, 07:36 AM EDTCANADA ECONOMICS: Canadian Bond Market Update
05/18/2018, 05:51 AM EDTEuropean Stock Markets Head South
05/18/2018, 05:50 AM EDTItaly Jitters Spread
05/18/2018, 05:42 AM EDTForex Action: Cable Ebbs South of 1.3500 Level
05/18/2018, 05:20 AM EDTForex Action: USD Remains Flat
05/18/2018, 05:09 AM EDTItalian BTP Futures Slump
05/18/2018, 03:52 AM EDTBund Yields Decline as Peripherals Rise
05/18/2018, 03:30 AM EDTOvernight Forex Wrap: USD/CAD Orbits 1.2800 Level
05/17/2018, 05:48 PM EDTS&P Places CBS on CreditWatch Negative on Lawsuit Risks
05/17/2018, 05:42 PM EDTS&P Downgrades Pier 1 Imports to B-, Outlook Negative - Stock Lower After-Hours
05/17/2018, 05:04 PM EDTS&P Downgrades Ultra Petroleum to B, Outlook Negative
05/17/2018, 04:32 PM EDTUS TREASURIES: Friday Event Agenda
05/17/2018, 04:30 PM EDTUS TREASURIES: Bond Prices End Mixed with Long End Hit; Curve Sharply Steeper - 10-Year 3.105%
05/17/2018, 03:49 PM EDTDaily Forex Wrap: Philadelphia Fed Index, Higher Yields Continues to Support U.S. Dollar
05/17/2018, 03:39 PM EDTU.S. TREASURIES: Long Bond Holds Lead Lower; Short End Outperforms -- 10-Year 3.104%
05/17/2018, 03:09 PM EDTCANADA ECONOMICS: Canadian Bond Market Summary
05/17/2018, 01:47 PM EDTUS TREASURIES: Federal Reserve Operations
05/17/2018, 12:52 PM EDTMidday Update: Energy Sector Lifts Wall Street Into Positive Turf
05/17/2018, 12:12 PM EDTUS ECONOMICS: Philly Manufacturing at Year High
05/17/2018, 12:07 PM EDTU.S. Stocks Regain Footing as Energy Sector Buoys Wall Street
05/17/2018, 12:03 PM EDTUS ECONOMICS: Jobless Claims Rise More Than Expected But Remain Near 48-Yr Lows
05/17/2018, 11:58 AM EDTUS ECONOMICS: Minneapolis Fed President Kashkari Considers Slow Wage Growth Conundrum
05/17/2018, 11:53 AM EDTU.S. TREASURIES: Bond Prices Head Back Toward Lows; Long Bond Hit Hardest - 10-Year 3.1085%
05/17/2018, 11:34 AM EDTU.S. TREASURIES: Treasury to Sell $99 Bln 2-, 5- and 7-Year Notes; Sizes Upped by $1 Bln Each
05/17/2018, 10:33 AM EDTUS ECONOMICS: Leading Indicators Rise In Line at 0.4% to Record High

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