Economic indicators and bond news

Economic indicators as of 03/22/2018

Consumer credit rate Consumer price index Federal budget (BLN)
Housing starts (MLN) 1.236 Jobless claims (000) 229 Unemployment
Federal funds rate 1.6800 3 month LIBOR

Bond news

03/22/2018, 09:32 AM EDTUS ECONOMICS: FHFA House Prices Rise Beat Led by Pacific and New England Regions
03/22/2018, 09:16 AM EDTUS ECONOMICS: Weekly Jobless Claims Rise 3,000 to 229,000 vs 225,000 Consensus and 226,000 Prior
03/22/2018, 09:11 AM EDTBund and Gilt Yields Extend Losses
03/22/2018, 09:09 AM EDT--US ECONOMICS: Jan FHFA Housing Index Rises 0.8% vs 0.4% Expected after a 0.4% Rise (revised from 0.3%)
03/22/2018, 09:07 AM EDTForex Action: Sterling Drops Back to Net Lower Levels
03/22/2018, 08:55 AM EDTCANADA ECONOMICS: Canadian Bond Market Update
03/22/2018, 08:37 AM EDTBank of England Leaves Rates Unchanged, As Expected; 2 Dissents Vote for Hike
03/22/2018, 08:33 AM EDT--US ECONOMICS: Jobless Claims Miss at 229,000 vs 225,000 Expected; Previous Unrevised at 226,000
03/22/2018, 08:14 AM EDTUS TREASURIES: Bond Prices Push Higher in Wake of FOMC, Weak European Data -- 10-Year 2.8855%
03/22/2018, 07:48 AM EDTUS ECONOMICS: PMI Manufacturing and Services Preview -- Consensus: Manufacturing 55.4; Services 55.7
03/22/2018, 07:38 AM EDTEuropean Stock Markets Sell Off
03/22/2018, 07:32 AM EDTCANADA ECONOMICS: Canadian Bond Market Update
03/22/2018, 07:29 AM EDTECONOMICS: Bank of England Preview
03/22/2018, 07:24 AM EDTECONOMICS: European Fixed Income Update
03/22/2018, 07:15 AM EDTCanada Market Outlook: 10-Year Government of Canada Yields Down 2 Basis Points
03/22/2018, 07:13 AM EDTECONOMICS: Asian Market Summary
03/22/2018, 07:01 AM EDTEuropean Government Long Bond Yields Decline
03/22/2018, 06:57 AM EDTECB Repeats Need for Ongoing Monetary Accomodation
03/22/2018, 06:11 AM EDTEGB Yields Extend Declines in Wake of Weak Survey Round
03/22/2018, 06:07 AM EDTUS ECONOMICS: Weekly Jobless Claims Preview -- Consensus: 225,000
03/22/2018, 05:51 AM EDTEurozone Composite PMI at 14-Month Low in March
03/22/2018, 04:38 AM EDTBank of England Announcement Could Prove to Be Non-Event for Markets
03/22/2018, 04:31 AM EDTForex Update: USD Comes Under Pressure After Fed Policy Announcement
03/22/2018, 04:26 AM EDTOvernight Fixed Income Wrap: 10-Year Bund Yield Down 1.5 bp
03/22/2018, 04:04 AM EDTFrench Business Confidence Dips in March
03/21/2018, 05:53 PM EDTS&P Revises Fortis and Subsidiaries Outlook to Negative - Stock Steady After-Hours
03/21/2018, 04:44 PM EDTUS TREASURIES: Thursday Event Agenda
03/21/2018, 04:43 PM EDTUS TREASURIES: Bond Prices End Mixed in Wake of FOMC's Rate Hike - 10-Year 2.908%
03/21/2018, 04:04 PM EDTForex Daily Close: Dollar Loses Traction On Cautiously Optimistic Fed Chairman
03/21/2018, 03:59 PM EDTS&P Revises ConvergeOne Outlook to Positive - Stock Near Flat
03/21/2018, 03:44 PM EDTCANADA ECONOMICS: Canadian Bond Market Summary
03/21/2018, 03:34 PM EDTUS ECONOMICS: Powell: Tax Cuts Should Aid Productivity; Trade Wars Not in Fed's Domain
03/21/2018, 03:23 PM EDTUS ECONOMICS: Powell: Limited Inflation Pressure; Financial Risks 'Moderate'
03/21/2018, 02:54 PM EDTMoody's Revises Medtronic's Rating Outlook to Stable, A3 Senior Unsecured Rating Affirmed - Stock Steady
03/21/2018, 02:48 PM EDTUS ECONOMICS: FOMC Predicts Stronger GDP and PCE and Higher Funds Rate
03/21/2018, 02:39 PM EDTECONOMICS: Fed Revises Forecasts
03/21/2018, 02:33 PM EDTUS TREASURIES: Bond Prices Whipsaw on Hawkish FOMC - 10-Year 2.92%
03/21/2018, 02:25 PM EDTCURRENCIES: Greenback Little Changed Following Fed Rate Hike
03/21/2018, 02:23 PM EDTUS ECONOMICS: As Expected: FOMC Swings Hawkish, Pulls 25 Basis Point Hike
03/21/2018, 02:07 PM EDTECONOMICS: Fed Raises Key Interest Rate, Forecasts 3 Hikes in 2018
03/21/2018, 01:49 PM EDTTREASURIES: Federal Reserve Operations
03/21/2018, 01:34 PM EDTCANADA ECONOMICS: Canadian Bond Market Update
03/21/2018, 01:23 PM EDTUBS to pay $230M for risky mortgage-backed securities
03/21/2018, 01:05 PM EDTUS TREASURIES: Bond Prices Stall Off Lows Ahead of Fed; 2-Year Outperforms - 10-Year 2.905%
03/21/2018, 12:56 PM EDTMid-Day Update: Led by Energy Sector, Stocks Turn Positive Into FOMC Announcement
03/21/2018, 11:54 AM EDTUS Stocks Up Modestly Ahead of FOMC Decision
03/21/2018, 11:34 AM EDTUS ECONOMICS: Q1 Existing Home Sales Show Modest Give-Back From Q4
03/21/2018, 11:15 AM EDTCanada Action: Yields Remain Near Session Highs
03/21/2018, 11:01 AM EDTUS TREASURIES: Bond Prices Slide Lower But Pare Losses Ahead of FOMC -- 10-Year 2.90%
03/21/2018, 10:53 AM EDTBank of Canada Outlook: Senior Deputy Governor Wilkins to Deliver Speech Thursday

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