VanguardAdvantage® account cash management features 


The VanguardAdvantage account, offered through Vanguard Brokerage Services®, has the following cash management features. 

Unlimited checkwriting

Write checks whenever you need to and for any amount up to your available account balance. Your first 50 checks are free of charge. The checkwriting feature is automatically applied to all VanguardAdvantage accounts. It will replace any existing checkwriting privileges on your Vanguard money market account.

Visa Gold debit card

Use your Visa® Gold debit card at any ATM worldwide wherever the Visa or Plus® System logos are displayed. Vanguard never charges a fee for an ATM transaction. However, you may be charged a surcharge by the bank that owns the ATM. All transactions from PNC-affiliated banks are free.

Online bill payment

Pay your bills online using our secure website. Pay each bill separately or enter several payments at once. You can even schedule payments months in advance for added convenience.
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Overdraft protection

Apply for overdraft protection through a margin account secured by eligible stocks, bonds, and non-Vanguard mutual fund shares.
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Direct deposit

Arrange for full or partial direct deposit of any recurring payment—paycheck, Social Security, or pension check—into your money market account.
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Cost basis accounting

To simplify your tax preparation, Vanguard Brokerage Services tracks the cost basis of your nonretirement investments, helping you to calculate and record capital gains and losses. After your account has been established, we'll automatically record future transactions, taking into account adjustments for corporate actions such as stock splits and mergers.
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Comprehensive statements for easy recordkeeping

Shortly after the end of each calendar quarter, we'll send you a comprehensive portfolio summary and account statement that includes all of the activity in your VanguardAdvantage account as well as your Vanguard fund accounts. Between quarters, you'll only receive statements for your VanguardAdvantage account for each month that your account has activity.
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Easy online account management

Register your account on our website to manage all of your investments online, including Vanguard funds, stocks, bonds, options, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), CDs, and thousands of mutual funds from hundreds of leading fund companies available through our FundAccess® program. You can also track investments you hold outside of Vanguard.
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