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The Vanguard investment-only program is designed for employers who have a retirement plan with another firm and want to offer their employees a wide range of competitive, no-load Vanguard investments. Your employees can invest in Vanguard funds while your plan administrator continues to serve as trustee and provides recordkeeping.

Pooled accounts
In a pooled account, all of your participants' assets are combined into the mutual funds offered by your plan. Individual participant balances are not recorded by Vanguard. Both participant-level recordkeeping and plan administration (e.g., contribution sources, limits, loans, tax reporting) remain with your third-party administrator.

Who should invest

  • Small-business owners who already offer a retirement investment program.
  • Employers looking for a simple, cost-effective way to enhance an existing retirement plan.

Who can contribute and how much

  • All employees currently enrolled in your existing retirement plan are eligible to participate, subject to the existing plan's requirements.
  • If your current plan combines employees' assets into one account (a "pooled" account), the minimum initial investment is the minimum balance required for each Vanguard fund you choose.

A range of low-cost investments

  • Employees can choose from many no-load Vanguard mutual funds suitable for retirement investing.
  • If your current plan combines employees' assets into one account (a "pooled" account), you can also invest in individual stocks, bonds, options, certificates of deposit (CDs), and thousands of mutual funds from hundreds of other fund companies available through Vanguard Brokerage Services®.

Easy account management

  • Use to view account balances, perform transactions, take advantage of powerful planning tools, and learn about investing.
  • A plan trustee or authorized representative can choose from several methods of moving money between different Vanguard mutual funds, whether on a recurring schedule or on demand. These options can be established online, by phone, or in writing.

Account fees and minimums

  • No fees are charged to the employer to set up or maintain a plan.
  • Low expense ratios vary by fund.
  • Fees may apply for certain transaction types.

Taking a distribution

  • Only trustees or their agents may process distributions.
  • Distributions may be requested online, over the phone, or by mail.

How to invest

  • Establish the plan by mail.
  • Contribute to an account online or by mail.

If you have questions about our investment-only program, call us at 800-662-2003 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., Eastern time.

All investments are subject to risk.


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