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Be a smart parent and save for college in a low-cost 529 plan with a range of fund choices. The Vanguard 529 College Savings Plan's cost advantage can help your money work harder for your student.
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Why the Vanguard 529

Low costs
Our expenses and fees, among the lowest in the industry, allow more of your money to work for your child.
Easy investing
Choosing an age-based option and an
automatic investment plan (AIP) could mean almost no work for you.
We're a leader in direct-sold 529 plans: Vanguard investment options are offered in 28 plans totaling more than $25 billion in assets.*

Fast facts

  • Minimum initial investment is $3,000*; minimum additional investment is just $50.
  • Total contribution limit is $370,000.
  • No enrollment, transfer, or commission fees.
  • $20 maintenance fee on balances below $3,000.
  • Ugift® offers a convenient way for family and friends to contribute.
  • Upromise® services can add to your savings.  

All investments are subject to risk.

*The minimum initial investment for the plan is $3,000. The plan reserves the right to assess a $20 maintenance fee on an account if the balance falls below $3,000. The account minimum for Nevada residents is $1,000.

Your investment choices

Portfolios that adjust automatically

Consider age-based investment options for one-stop investing with almost no homework. You pick the option that matches your child's age and your risk level, and then we'll gradually move you to more conservative allocations as college gets closer.


You can also choose from individual portfolios and assemble an investment strategy that you monitor and change on your own.


Keep your money for college—not taxes

When you invest in a 529 plan, your earnings grow tax-deferred, so more of your savings goes toward your main goal—financing a college education.

College savings planner
More college planning tools

AIP is a quick, convenient way to transfer a fixed dollar amount automatically from your bank, savings and loan, or credit union to your Vanguard 529 account on a monthly or quarterly schedule.

Direct-sold 529 plans are plans purchased directly from the 529 plan sponsor or program manager without the help of an advisor or broker. These plans are typically less expensive because they don't have the additional fees and commission charges that often accompany broker-sold plans.


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