College planning tools


Explore your options

Which college savings option is best for me? »

Unsure about the best way to save for college? Use our tool to decide which savings option best matches your goals.

Compare college savings options »

Compare the features of different savings options, such as 529 savings plans and UGMA/UTMA accounts.

Compare 529 savings plans »

Compare the features of a Vanguard-associated 529 savings plan to another state-sponsored 529 plan.

Learn more about a specific 529 plan »

Find detailed information on a 529 savings plan or prepaid tuition plan.

Should I convert my UGMA/UTMA to a 529 plan? »

Determine if converting your UGMA/UTMA makes financial sense.

Determine costs and savings goals

How much do I need to save? »

Use the college savings planner to determine your savings goals and how much you'll need to save to help meet them.

How should I diversify my investments among stocks, bonds, and short-term reserves? »

Take our asset allocation questionnaire to help you find the right mix of assets for your college savings plan.

How much could college cost in the future? »

Our college cost projector helps determine how inflation could increase the cost of college.

How much will my savings be worth? »

Use the college savings projector to find out what your savings may be worth when it's time for college.

Calculate your 529 state tax deduction »

If you're thinking of investing in your state's 529 savings plan, find out the state tax deduction you might be able to take.