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The quickest and easiest way to manage your accounts is online. You can:

  • View your account and current balance information.
  • Buy, sell, and exchange funds and ETFs.
  • View your statements, tax forms, and confirmations.
  • Explore your personal performance charts.
  • Access your accounts from your web-enabled device.

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Move money between your bank account and your Vanguard account.

  • Safer and quicker than sending checks through the mail. Learn more » 
  • Convenient and reliable 24-hour access to your investments.
  • Same-day closing price if you submit a transfer request before the regular close of the New York Stock Exchange (generally 4 p.m. Eastern time).

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Save paper, money, and time by receiving statements, confirmations, account updates, and other materials online. Learn more »

You also may be able to avoid account service fees

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Money management

Automate your savings »
Establish automatic investing, automatic exchanges, and direct deposits for your Vanguard account.

Required minimum distributions »
Use this service to help you take distributions from your retirement accounts.

Automatic withdrawals »
Move a fixed amount from your Vanguard account to your bank account on a schedule that you set.

Incoming wires »
Buy shares of a new or existing Vanguard fund using wire transfer.

Checkwriting »
Write Vanguard checks on your Vanguard money market and most bond funds.

Account maintenance

Account access »
Authorize another person to obtain information about or transact on your Vanguard accounts.

Beneficiaries »
Make sure your beneficiaries are the people you want to inherit your assets.

Personal information »
Maintain addresses, phone numbers, passwords, and other information associated with your accounts.

Cost basis accounting »
Use our free online service to track your capital gains and losses and make tax preparation easier.

All investments are subject to risk.


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