Vanguard's checkwriting service


What you should know about checkwriting

  • The minimum amount per check is $250.
  • The checkwriting service is available on select Vanguard mutual fund and brokerage accounts.
  • Your investments continue to earn income until the check is presented for payment.
  • You can view images of processed checks on through your transaction history.
  • Checks are considered drafts. You may not be able to use them to get cash immediately from a bank, and you cannot use them to set up electronic banking or bill-paying services.
  • For tax purposes, checks are considered redemptions. You may be required to report all or a portion of the redemption amount when you file your federal, state, and local income taxes.
  • You cannot use a check to close an account.

Special notes about redeeming newly purchased shares

  • If you have purchased Vanguard fund shares by electronic bank transfer or by bank check, you must wait until we collect payment for your purchase (generally seven calendar days) before you can redeem those shares using the checkwriting service.

Additional information about checkwriting on a Vanguard IRA®

  • Checkwriting is available for traditional, rollover, Roth, SEP, and SIMPLE IRAs. It is not available for inherited IRAs.
  • Only U.S. citizens age 59½ or older with valid U.S. mailing addresses can use the checkwriting service.
  • Vanguard will not withhold federal, state, or local income taxes on the amount of your check.

Set up checkwriting

To set up checkwriting, you'll need to print a copy of the checkwriting application form, complete it, and mail it to us.

You should receive your checkbook two to three weeks after we receive your application if your account has a balance. If your account has a zero balance, we won't process your request until you add money to it.

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Connect your bank

The easiest way to move money between your bank account and your Vanguard account quickly and safely at any time is via our electronic bank transfer service. You'll never have to worry about the mail.

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