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Annuity Cost Basis Form - 1035 Exchange

Use this form to update the cost basis information for your annuity contract if you came to Vanguard through a 1035 exchange and the cost basis information wasn't furnished by your previous provider.

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Vanguard Variable Annuity

Learn about variable annuities and the features and benefits of the Vanguard« Variable Annuity.

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Vanguard Variable Annuity Quarterly Performance Summary

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Variable AnnuityŚ1035 Exchange Assignment Form

Form to make multiple 1035 exchanges to a Vanguard Variable Annuity.

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Special notice to non-U.S. investors


Annuities are insurance products.

Vanguard Variable Annuity

The Vanguard Variable Annuity is a flexible-premium variable annuity issued by Transamerica Premier Life Insurance Company, Cedar Rapids, Iowa (NAIC No. 66281), Form No. VVAP U 1101 (in Florida, Form No. VVAP U 1101 (FL)), and, in New York State only, by Transamerica Financial Life Insurance Company, Harrison, New York (NAIC No. 70688), Form No. VVA NY 0208, without agent representation. The Vanguard Group administers the contract for its issuers. The Vanguard Group's home office and domicile is Valley Forge, Pennsylvania (in California, DBA Vanguard Administrators, Inc., license number 0B91453). The Vanguard Group, Transamerica Premier Life Insurance Company, and Transamerica Financial Life Insurance Company do not provide tax advice. Investors are encouraged to consult a tax advisor for information on how annuity taxation applies to their individual situation.

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