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Don't forget to take your required minimum distribution

December 04, 2013

It might be time for your RMD

What the government gives, it eventually gets—in this case, taxes on a required minimum distribution (RMD) from a qualified tax-deferred account. Mary Ryan and Kevin Wick of Vanguard Asset Management Services™ explain some available options when it's time to take your RMD.

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Important information

  • All investing is subject to risk, including the possible loss of the money you invest.
  • When taking withdrawals from an IRA before age 59½, you may have to pay ordinary income tax plus a 10% federal penalty tax.
  • Vanguard Asset Management Services are provided by Vanguard National Trust Company, which is a federally chartered, limited-purpose trust company operated under the supervision of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.
  • This webcast is for educational purposes only. We recommend that you consult a tax or financial advisor about your individual situation.

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