Retirement expenses worksheet

This interactive worksheet can help you estimate your monthly expenses in retirement.  After you've entered your estimated expenses for each category, click Calculate at the bottom to see your total.  You can print this worksheet to save for future reference, but your data will not be saved online.

Monthly expenses
Expense Category Monthly Amount
Mortgage $
Property taxes $
Homeowners insurance $
Rent $
Utilities $
Maintenance/fees $
Groceries $
Dining out $
Vehicle maintenance $
Fuel $
Auto insurance $
Public transportation $
Health care
Medical services $
Medications and supplies $
Health insurance $
Personal insurance
Life insurance $
Disability insurance $
Long-term care insurance $
Other insurance $
Personal care
Clothing $
Products and services $
Family care
Alimony $
Child care $
Loans/credit cards $
Entertainment $
Travel/vacation $
Hobbies $
Gifts $
Education $
Charitable contributions $
Other $
Total monthly expenses  

When you're finished, make a note of your monthly expense estimate and use it in our retirement income worksheet to help determine whether your retirement income will meet your spending needs.