Saving for Retirement

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Retirement planning tools

Determine how much to save for retirement

Do you know how much your retirement savings will be worth at age 65? This tool can help you set a monthly savings goal.

Compare the two types of IRAs

Find out the features of traditional and Roth IRAs.

The cost of cashing out of my employer plan

Compare the consequences of taking a cash distribution with the benefits of a direct rollover.

Should I roll over company stock?

Find out which options for your company stock are best for you if you change jobs or retire.

How investment costs affect my retirement spending

See how keeping your investment costs low can translate into more spending money.

Retirement expenses worksheet

Use our worksheet to create a realistic budget for retirement that includes basic and discretionary expenses.

Retirement income worksheet

Use our worksheet to determine your sources of retirement income.

Estimate your required minimum distributions in retirement

Learn how RMDs work and how to calculate your RMD withdrawal.

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