How to subscribe to Vanguard podcasts.

It's easy to subscribe to our free podcasts. New episodes can be downloaded to your computer or listed on your personalized webpage automatically. There are 3 subscription options:

  • iTunes. If you use Apple's free media software, click the iTunes button button in the table on the Vanguard podcasts page to subscribe. Then, each time you launch iTunes, it will check to see if a new podcast is available, and download any new episodes. To delete an episode, highlight the episode title in your iTunes library and click Delete. To unsubscribe, delete the podcast title from your iTunes "podcasts" menu. For technical support, or to download iTunes, visit the iTunes website.
  • My Yahoo! If you have a personalized news page through Yahoo!'s free RSS service, click the My Yahoo! button button in the table on the Vanguard podcasts page to subscribe. Vanguard's podcast will then appear on your My Yahoo! podcast menu, which will be updated each time a new episode is available. New episodes will not be downloaded to your computer automatically, however. You must click the link in your My Yahoo! podcast menu to download an episode. For technical support, or to subscribe to My Yahoo!, visit the My Yahoo! website.
  • Other software and services. In addition to My Yahoo! and iTunes, you'll find a variety of free podcasting software available on the Web (such as Juice, for example), along with several Web-based services that support podcast subscriptions. Subscription methods vary widely, but you can typically subscribe by clicking the XML button button on the table on the Vanguard podcasts page, or by entering the podcast URL. Most podcasting software and services will automatically check for new episodes each time you use them.

Note: Vanguard takes no responsibility for the content on external websites and cannot provide technical support for third-party services or software.


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