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Top investing news from Vanguard

January 09, 2017

Here's a quick summary of our top news articles and blog posts.

Joe Davis

Vanguard's economic and market outlook

Key trends for the global economy and markets in 2017.


Yield surge: Remember the real role of bonds
What's driven rates up this time—and why higher rates could benefit long-term investors.

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Withdrawal strategies for retirees
Vanguard Financial Planner Tony Giordano offers a realistic approach to making retirement savings last.

How much tax will you owe on your Social Security income?
Plan for a better retirement by finding out how much of your benefit you keep after taxes.

Markets and economy

More rate hikes are in the cards for 2017 after the Fed's recent move
Why this is a good sign of economic strength, and what it could mean for your portfolio.


Bond investing, retirement spending, and more . . . your questions answered in a video blog post
Vanguard Financial Planner Julie Virta answers readers' questions on top-of-mind investment issues.

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