Saving for Retirement

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Save for Retirement Week: Saving and planning for retirement

October 23, 2015

It's National Save for Retirement Week—a time to envision your post-work life, create a plan to get you there, put that plan into practice, and celebrate your future.

To help you plan, save, and invest for retirement, check out some of the information and resources available on

Look ahead to spending

You're retired! (Now what?)
One of the biggest adjustments for new retirees is getting comfortable withdrawing from their lifetime savings. Get tips on how to approach tapping your retirement nest egg to cover expenses throughout retirement.
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A dynamic approach to spending in retirement
The "4% spending rule" has long been a guideline for retirement spending. However, as Maria Bruno of Vanguard's Investment Strategy Group explains, a more prudent dynamic approach takes investment performance and other conditions into consideration.
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Spending from your retirement accounts
Tax implications can help you determine the order in which you make withdrawals from your retirement accounts. Vanguard Investment Strategy Group's Joel Dickson says a tax-efficient strategy can go a long way in making your retirement savings last.
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Retirement tips for longer life spans
One of the most complicated questions to answer is how long you'll spend living in retirement. Conventional wisdom says 20 to 30 years is a good estimate, but generally it's getting longer. Our experts share some strategies to help ensure your income can last as long as you need.
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Use tools to help you save and plan

Retirement nest egg calculator
Find out how long your retirement savings might last, based on your desired time in retirement, portfolio balance, asset allocation, and spending expectations.
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Retirement planning tools
From setting a retirement savings target to determining whether your IRA or retirement plan should be Roth or traditional, this list of tools can help you plan effectively for your future.
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Is it time for an annuity checkup?
Annuities can be useful tools for retirement income. But not all of them are created equal. A brief review can help you confirm that you have the right type for your situation and that your costs are reasonable.
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When to take Social Security
When deciding the right time to begin taking Social Security benefits, timing is everything. Two Vanguard investing experts discuss some of the factors to consider when determining the optimal time to file.
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Focus on investing as well as saving

Theory versus reality: Gliding into retirement
The idea of moving from more-risky to less-risky assets as one approaches retirement is a key principle of Vanguard Target Retirement Funds. But do actual IRA investors "glide" to retirement as recommended?
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Costly investment mistakes
Our experts share some of the most common pitfalls people encounter when investing for retirement.
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Asset location for your retirement portfolio
The types of accounts you use for retirement investing can play a key role in how much you'll owe in taxes. Learn more about the most tax-efficient spots for your retirement savings.
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Balancing conflicting goals

Your Investing Life: Balancing multiple financial demands
Balancing multiple goals can be challenging, so here are a few suggestions to help you maintain your financial equilibrium.
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How should you juggle multiple financial goals?
Find out 5 steps you can take to prioritize—and save for—your financial goals.
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How covering college costs with retirement savings can hurt
Could redirecting some of your retirement nest egg to cover college costs make sense? More parents are saying yes. But for a number of reasons, it may be wiser to say no.
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Save for retirement or emergencies?
While it's important to have emergency savings, don't forget to keep saving for retirement, too. A Vanguard Personal Advisor Services® financial planner explains why balancing priorities is important.
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How to think about saving and planning?

5 things to think about on your journey to retirement
We asked 5 financial planners with Vanguard Personal Advisor Services®: What are the most important questions you ask clients based on where they are on their journey to retirement? Thinking about your own answer to each question can provide you with a fresh perspective on your retirement goals and plans.
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Affording retirement: You can do it
It's the million-dollar question (according to some estimates, anyway): Can I afford to retire? It is possible to answer in the affirmative, provided you take some simple steps first.
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Retirement readiness begins in kindergarten
Elementary school isn't just for reading, writing, and arithmetic. With My Classroom Economy, it's also about dollars and sense—and learning the basic financial principles to help you start planning for retirement as early as possible.
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Sprechen Sie savings?
Research by Keith Chen, a behavioral economist at UCLA, suggests that there's a link, maybe causal, between a speaker's language and his or her propensity to save. Find out if you can talk your way into saving more.
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