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We've streamlined the process for logging on to vanguard.com

July 16, 2015

Logging on to your account just got simpler! You'll now be able to access your account by entering your user name and password on the same page. And you'll no longer need to remember your security image.

We know how important security and convenience are to you—and it's a top priority of ours too. Be assured that this change doesn't affect the security of your account information and assets. The security technology of our website, mobile apps, and security questions will continue to keep you protected.

In addition, we've recently added some optional security measures.

Single-use security codes

Vanguard offers you the option to receive a single-use security code to enter via text message—in addition to your user name and password—when logging on to your account. When you sign up for this service, you can choose to use a security code every time you log on or only when Vanguard doesn't recognize your computer or device. (Until you sign up for text codes, you'll still be asked your security questions when you log on from an unrecognized computer or device.)

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Account activity alerts

We'll also automatically send you an email alert message when certain actions are taken on your account. If you prefer, we can send these alerts by text message too. Click here to learn more or change your delivery preferences.

Vanguard Voice Verification

You can also enroll in Vanguard Voice Verification™ which allows you to use your unique voiceprint when you contact us by phone.

Do you know how to tell you're on a legitimate website?

When you visit vanguard.com, you should see a lock icon in your browser bar. Some browsers also let you know you're on a legitimate site by using green shading or text in the browser bar.

To learn more about how Vanguard keeps your accounts safe and what you can do to help, visit our Security Center.

Note: Account activity alerts will be sent to all web-registered account owners who have the ability to transact on the account. You won't receive the alerts if you're an agent on an account.

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