Technical FAQs—Accessing your accounts online

What if I forgot my user name?

If you don't remember your user name, go to the Forgot user name screen. After you verify your identity, we'll send your user name to the registered e-mail address on file.

If you need to change your user name, you'll need to re-register. After you've re-registered, you'll have immediate access to your accounts; however, we'll place a seven-day hold on terminations, withdrawals, electronic bank transfers, and dividend elections processed online. We'll still process all other transactions, including loans via check, during this seven-day hold.

What if I forgot my password?

If you don't remember your password, select Forgot your Password? on the password screen. After you verify your identity, we'll issue you a temporary password. After logging on with your temporary password, you'll set up a new, permanent password.

Your permanent password must contain six to twenty characters and include two letters and two numbers. You may use most special characters and a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters to help make your password stronger.

Why doesn't the website recognize my computer?

We use "cookies" to recognize the computers you use to log on to Over time, cookies can be removed from your computer through system updates (e.g., browser security updates) or human action (e.g., proactively deleting cookies from your browser).

If you want us to recognize the computer you're using to log on, select Yes, I plan on using this computer to sign on to in the future on the screen that asks your security question.

If you don't want us to recognize the computer, select No, this is a public computer or one I don't plan on using often to sign on to on the security question screen.

Why must I have a valid e-mail address on file to have online access to my accounts?

We require a valid e-mail address so we can communicate any changes or updates to your account information. A valid e-mail address also enables you to reset your own user name, password, and security questions.