Brokerage FAQs—Fees and commissions

What are your commission rates and account service fees?

What other fees does Vanguard Brokerage Services® charge?

What are your commission rates and account service fees?

We offer commission-free trading for all Vanguard ETFs® and competitive rates for stocks, bonds, CDs, options, and mutual funds and ETFs from other companies. Trading limits and fund expenses may apply. See the Vanguard Brokerage Services Commission and Fee Schedules for full details.

What other fees does Vanguard Brokerage Services charge?

Vanguard Brokerage charges the following service fees:

  • A $20 account service fee, charged annually.*
  • A $50 processing fee for non-DTC eligible securities (not applicable to American Depositary Receipts) plus commission for each foreign securities trade. If a trade executes over multiple days, the fee plus commission will be charged for each day on which an execution occurs. Additional fees may apply for trades executed directly on local markets.
  • Vanguard does not charge a fee to wire money to your bank. However, your bank may charge for receiving wires from your brokerage account or settlement fund.

* The fee is waived for Voyager, Voyager Select, and Flagship clients and clients who elect to receive statements and other important information electronically.

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