More ways to research funds and ETFs

To select a fund

Mutual fund and ETF screener
Find and compare Vanguard funds, Vanguard ETFs®, and other fund family products available through FundAccess®.

Vanguard funds by style box
See Vanguard funds classified by investment style in nine-box grids.

Vanguard ETFs by style box
See Vanguard ETFs® classified by investment style in nine-box grids.

Funds by objective
Learn which funds meet your needs.

Find similar Vanguard funds
Familiar with a mutual fund from another fund family? Find a similar fund offered by Vanguard.

Investment income calculator
Estimate the potential income you could earn from an investment.

Sector concentration
See which Vanguard funds have weightings of 15% or greater in specific sectors, such as consumer discretionary or financial services.

To personalize your investment program

My Watch List
Create a list of funds to monitor. Log on to our website and add individual stocks to your Watch List as well.

Investor questionnaire
Find the asset mix that's right for you.

To compare funds

Compare mutual funds and ETFs
Do a side-by-side comparison of up to five mutual funds or exchange-traded funds.

Price history charting
Chart up to ten years of price history for funds and benchmarks.

Price history search
Search for daily price history, including high and low prices for a particular calendar year or since inception.

Compare investment growth
Compare how a hypothetical investment of $10,000 in up to three funds would have grown in the last ten years.

Compare fund costs
Discover how Vanguard's low costs can make a difference in your fund returns.

To get market information

Market summary
See how the markets are doing in the U.S. and around the world.

Market news
Read the stories behind the latest domestic and international financial headlines.

Market indexes
Get more details on index performance.