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Vanguard Lifetime Income Program - Equity Income Portfolio

Equity Characteristics as of 03/31/2014
 VLIP-Equity IncomeFTSE High Dividend Yield Index
Number of Stocks144390
Median Market Cap$128.3 billion
Price/Earnings Ratio 15.8x16.1x
Price/Book Ratio 2.6x2.5x
Return on Equity 19.4%20.8%
Earnings Growth Rate 11.5%10.5%
Foreign Holdings9.9%
Turnover Rate (Fiscal Year End December)34.3%
Short-Term Reserves1.1%
Total Net Assets

Equity Sector Diversification as of 03/31/2014
 VLIP-Equity IncomeFTSE High Dividend Yield Index
Consumer Discretionary5.90%5.90%
Consumer Staples12.70%13.50%
Health Care13.00%11.40%
Information Technology13.20%16.60%
Telecommunication Services4.10%5.10%

Sector categories are based on the Global Industry Classification Standard system.

Month End Ten Largest Holdings as of 03/31/2014
1Johnson & Johnson
2Wells Fargo & Co.
3Microsoft Corp.
4Exxon Mobil Corp.
5Verizon Communications Inc.
6Chevron Corp.
7JPMorgan Chase & Co.
8Merck & Co. Inc.
9General Electric Co.
10Pfizer Inc.
Ten largest holdings = 31.2% of total net assets

Quarter-end top ten holdings with weighting

Portfolio holdings


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