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Vanguard is offering these ETFs in response to investors and advisors who have expressed a preference for alternate benchmarks.

Note: These ETFs are offered at a slightly higher cost than other Vanguard ETFs tracking the same market segment.


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SEC Yield

SEC yield

The SEC yield for a bond, balanced, or stock fund is based on a fund's hypothetical annualized income as a percentage of its assets. This hypothetical income will differ (at times, significantly) from the fund's actual experience; as a result, income distributions from the fund may be higher or lower than implied by the SEC yield.

The SEC yield for a money market fund is calculated by annualizing its daily income distributions for the previous seven days.

As of  02/05/2016 YTD Average Annual Returns as of 01/31/2016
1 Year 5 Year 10 Year Since
Emerging Markets Government Bond VWOB Bond - Inter-term Treasury 5.23% A –0.11% 0.56% 1.48% 05/31/2013
FTSE All-World ex-US VEU International   –7.99% –10.11% –0.14% 0.37% 03/02/2007
FTSE All-World ex-US Small-Cap VSS International   –8.45% –6.09% 0.18% 10.68% 04/02/2009
FTSE Developed Markets VEA International   –8.23% –6.57% 1.88% –1.24% 07/20/2007
FTSE Emerging Markets VWO International   –7.31% –20.46% –5.43% 1.52% 4.35% 03/04/2005
FTSE Europe VGK International   –8.14% –8.00% 2.08% 2.29% 3.21% 03/04/2005
FTSE Pacific VPL International   –9.37% –5.26% 1.49% 0.98% 3.15% 03/04/2005
Global ex-U.S. Real Estate VNQI International   –6.04% –8.95% 3.29% 3.23% 11/01/2010
Total International Bond BNDX Bond - Inter-term Investment 0.86% A 1.70% 0.67% 4.24% 05/31/2013
Total International Stock VXUS International   –7.76% –9.65% –0.14% –0.20% 01/26/2011
Total World Stock VT International   –8.56% –6.13% 4.70% 3.25% 06/24/2008

The performance data shown represent past performance, which is not a guarantee of future results. Investment returns and principal value will fluctuate, so that investors' shares, when sold, may be worth more or less than their original cost. Current performance may be lower or higher than the performance data cited. See performance data current to the most recent month-end.