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Vanguard Managed Payout Funds

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Vanguard® Managed Payout Growth and Distribution Fund

  • Designed to make monthly payouts while seeking to have the payouts and invested capital keep pace with inflation over time.
  • Seeks to balance its payout level with its potential for future capital growth.
  • Uses a managed distribution policy that seeks to distribute monthly payments to shareholders that are set each year and expected to remain constant from month to month throughout the calendar year.
  • Adjusts payout amounts each January that could be higher or lower than the current payments, based on the performance of the funds.
  • Invests in a number of Vanguard funds, providing access to a broad array of asset classes and investments.


Acquired fund fees and expenses as of 03/28/20140.34%
Avg. Moderate Allocation Fund expense ratio0.96%
Minimum initial investment$25,000

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