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The performance data shown represent past performance, which is not a guarantee of future results. Investment returns and principal value will fluctuate, so that investors' shares, when sold, may be worth more or less than their original cost. Current performance may be lower or higher than the performance data cited. Expense ratio information can be found on the Overview page.

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Name   Fund
AUV as of 12/02/2016YTD Returns
as of
Average Annual Total
Returns as of 11/30/2016*
AUV ChangeYield 1 Year5 Year10 YearSince Inception
VVA-Balanced 0069$89.444205$0.038903 0.04%2.10%B,N 8.55%6.85%10.06%6.50% 8.94%05/23/1991
VVA-Capital Growth 0603$42.936008$0.170351 0.40%1.06%B,N 7.86%8.12%15.74%9.17%11.38%05/01/2003
VVA-Conserv Allocation 0801$26.966764$0.056038 0.21%1.92%B,N 4.64%3.70%5.87%6.04%10/19/2011
VVA-Diversified Value 0145$31.155765–$0.018716 –0.06%2.22%B,N 11.08%8.69%12.61%5.59%6.59%02/08/1999
VVA-Equity Income 0008$78.938064$0.109624 0.14%2.43%B,N 11.54%10.06%13.49%7.01%9.19%06/07/1993
VVA-Equity Index 0068$87.653986$0.049623 0.06%1.68%B,N 9.04%7.61%13.96%6.46%8.85%04/29/1991
VVA-Growth 0010$41.402497$0.063565 0.15%0.29%B,N –2.65%–1.59%13.68%6.89% 6.29%06/07/1993
VVA-High Yield Bond 0146$31.614551–$0.000251 0.00%4.89%A,N 9.53%7.65%6.39%5.75%5.78%06/03/1996
VVA-International 0086$36.493699–$0.286744 –0.78%  –0.58%–1.42%6.03%2.64%6.00% 06/03/1994
VVA-Mid-Cap Index 0143$50.571330$0.072434 0.14%1.09%B,N 9.35%7.11%13.67%7.13%9.56%02/09/1999
VVA-Moderate Allocation 0803$29.370172$0.033295 0.11%1.93%B,N 5.69%4.45%7.61%7.84%10/19/2011
VVA-Money Market 0064$1.899831$0.000085 0.00%0.34%C,N 0.15%0.15%–0.11%0.73%2.52%05/02/1991
VVA-REIT Index 0147$55.956822$0.567433 1.02%note  2.69%5.06%11.27%4.02%10.18% 02/09/1999
VVA-Short-Term Invest-Gr 0144$18.960858$0.017687 0.09%1.58%A 2.44%2.13%2.00%3.07%3.65%02/08/1999
VVA-Small Company Growth 0160$70.878217–$0.000563 0.00%0.14%B,N 12.39%8.88%13.66%8.08%10.08%06/03/1996
VVA-Total Bond Market Idx 0067$37.591925$0.095682 0.26%1.88%A,N 2.02%1.65%1.94%3.85%5.29%04/29/1991
VVA-Ttl Stock Market Idx 0604$32.031218$0.018967 0.06%1.71%B,N 9.72%7.83%13.89%6.58%8.97%05/01/2003

*Returns are adjusted for fees where applicable. Click a fund name to view the fund profile for additional detail.

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