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Effective November 1, 2010, American General Life Insurance Company of Delaware (or, in New York State only, The United States Life Insurance Company in the City of New York)—the issuer of the annuities purchased through the Vanguard Lifetime Income Program—has assumed full responsibility for providing service for these annuities. Contract holders should contact the issuer directly at 877-299-1724 for all matters related to an existing contract.

New variable income annuity contracts are still available for purchase. Click here to learn more, or call one of Vanguard's licensed specialists at 800-357-4720 on business days between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., Eastern time.

The performance data shown represent past performance, which isn't a guarantee of future results. Investment returns and principal value will fluctuate, so that investors' shares, when sold, may be worth more or less than their original cost. Current performance may be lower or higher than the performance data cited. Click a portfolio name to view standardized returns.

Important Vanguard Lifetime Income Program performance information

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Investment options available to purchasers who choose a variable or combined payment using nonqualified (after-tax) money:

Name   Fund
Based on 3.5%
Assumed Investment Return
as of 06/17/2019
YTD Returns
as of
Average Annual Total
Returns as of 05/31/2019
Annuity Unit Change1 Year5 Year10 YearSince Inception
VLIP-Balanced Portfolio 1259$19.156823–$0.014690 –0.08%11.07%4.93%6.29% 9.72%7.63%10/10/2003
VLIP-Capital Growth 1270$29.012111$0.056348 0.19%9.26%–2.33% 10.32%14.37%10.40%10/10/2003
VLIP-Conserv Allocation 1277$11.412547–$0.003716 –0.03%8.41%3.06%4.07% 5.07%05/01/2012
VLIP-Diversified Value 1266$18.654898–$0.070028 –0.37%11.22%–0.21% 4.08%10.56%7.33%10/10/2003
VLIP-Equity Income 1251$21.845441–$0.027060 –0.12%12.52%2.42%7.43% 12.81%8.39%10/10/2003
VLIP-Equity Index 1258$20.593167$0.012795 0.06%16.05%3.11%8.95%13.20% 7.97%10/10/2003
VLIP-Growth Portfolio 1252$22.339196$0.029213 0.13%21.36%7.18%11.81%14.49% 8.53%10/10/2003
VLIP-High Yield Bond 1267$13.984223–$0.004553 –0.03%9.20%5.80%3.75% 7.49%5.61%10/10/2003
VLIP-International 1260$19.523202$0.032549 0.17%13.30%–8.32% 4.60%8.47%7.55%10/10/2003
VLIP-Mid-Cap Index 1264$24.677552–$0.030579 –0.12%18.99%1.00%7.29% 13.63%9.17%10/10/2003
VLIP-Moderate Allocation 1278$12.637529–$0.004114 –0.03%10.06%1.54%4.78% 6.43%05/01/2012
VLIP-REIT Index Portfolio 1268$23.031048$0.222014 0.97%22.05%14.10%7.03%14.20% 8.59%10/10/2003
VLIP-Short-Term Invest-Gr 1265$8.831972–$0.002875 –0.03%3.40%4.10%1.55% 2.57%2.67%10/10/2003
VLIP-Small Company Growth 1269$23.502800$0.137069 0.59%16.95%–4.77% 8.81%14.95%8.87%10/10/2003
VLIP-Total Bond Markt Idx 1257$9.970142–$0.003246 –0.03%4.95%5.96%2.04% 3.14%3.47%10/10/2003
VLIP-Total Stock Mrkt Idx 1271$21.183492$0.026449 0.13%16.18%1.82%8.53%13.20% 8.16%10/10/2003

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A money market portfolio investment is not insured or guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or any other government agency. It is possible to lose money by investing in the portfolio.