Why invest with us

With Vanguard, you can stay focused on what matters to your long-term success

Our broad array of mutual funds—both actively managed and indexed—is designed to support long-term investing. So are the funds' policies, with strict rules to help protect investors from the costs of short-term trading. We also help you make smart decisions by making sure you have the information and perspective you need. That's why, when you partner with Vanguard, you can help increase your chances of long-term success.

Vanguard’s unique advantages

It's important to know exactly what an investment management company stands for and what it can do for you. Three features of particular importance distinguish Vanguard from other firms:

  • An unwavering focus on clients. A commitment to integrity, loyalty, and respect, and a promise to champion what's best for our investors.
  • Exceptional value. A dedication to outstanding performance, superior service, and low costs.
  • Plain talk. Clear, candid communications and advice that help investors become better informed and more successful.

A time-tested approach

Since our founding, Vanguard has been fiercely committed to several principles that guide our fund management, our investment programs, and the financial advice we give our clients. Together, these beliefs make up our distinct investment philosophy, which is the key to our—and our clients'—ongoing success.

While the principles we advocate are in the best interests of all investors, it stands to reason that you'd have a slightly different perspective depending on whether you're investing for yourself and your family, on behalf of an organization, or as an advisor on behalf of your clients.

We invite you to find out how our investment philosophy benefits you—whether you're a personal investor, an institutional investor, or a financial advisor.

Your interests are the only interests we serve

Most investment firms are either publicly traded or privately owned. Vanguard is different: We're client-owned. Helping our investors achieve their goals is literally our sole reason for existence. With no other parties to answer to and therefore no conflicting loyalties, we make every decision—like keeping investing costs as low as possible—with only your needs in mind.

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