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Income Solutions—giving you choice and access to a unique service

In an effort to offer you more choice in both well-known annuity providers and policy features, Vanguard has teamed up with Hueler Investment Services, Inc., to give you unique access to Hueler's Income Solutions® platform.

Through this platform, you can choose from competitively priced fixed deferred and fixed income annuities offered by well-known insurance companies that are essentially competing for your business. Thanks to Vanguard's size and reputation, we're able to negotiate on your behalf to bring you interest rates and payment amounts that are typically made available only to large institutions.

During the purchasing process, you can count on licensed specialists from Vanguard to give you unbiased assistance (because they don't work on commission) and make it easier to choose the annuity that's right for you. Although the Income Solutions annuity platform is web-based, Vanguard clients without online account access can work directly with one of our specialists to select and purchase an annuity. After your purchase, ongoing service will be provided directly by the insurance company you chose for your annuity.

Getting a quote is free and carries no obligation. If you decide to buy, you'll pay a onetime transaction fee of 2% that's based on your annuity purchase amount. The quote you receive includes the onetime transaction fee. It also reflects costs from the issuing insurance company.

More about Income Solutions and Hueler Investment Services

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Hueler is licensed as a resident life and health insurance agent in Minnesota and as a nonresident life and health insurance agent, broker, or producer in all other states. Hueler operates the Income Solutions platform, which capitalizes on the firm's market and technology expertise as well as its established relationships with insurance companies.

Hueler has been specializing in serving insurance companies, retirement plan sponsors, institutional investment managers, and banks since it started in 1987. Income Solutions was launched in 2003 to serve retiring workers interested in converting retirement savings into lifetime income through the use of an annuity. Vanguard teamed up with Hueler in 2010 to make the Income Solutions platform available to clients like you.


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