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Vanguard's Direct Deposit Service lets you deposit all or part of your paycheck, pension, Social Security payment, tax refund, or other income directly—and securely—into a Vanguard® mutual fund account (retirement or nonretirement) on a recurring basis.

How do I make changes after I set up the service?

You can change the way the deposits are allocated by logging into your account, navigating to Account maintenance, and clicking Direct deposit under Banking and money movement. To change the amount of the deposit, you'll need to contact the Direct Deposit source.

How do I stop the service?

Canceling Direct Deposit is a two-step process. Instruct the Direct Deposit source to stop the deposits. Cancellation procedures vary by Direct Deposit source so check with them for more information. You'll also need to log into your account and navigate to Account maintenance, click Direct deposit, select the source bank, and then choose Delete for all applicable funds.

For questions about your Vanguard accounts, or about how the Direct Deposit Service works, contact us. For other issues, contact your Direct Deposit source (such as your employer's payroll office).

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