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Vanguard Total Stock Market Fund

as of:
Stock Holdings

3809 Holdings
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Holding Shares Market Value
InVivo Therapeutics Holdings Corp.61,851$826,948
Lincoln Educational Services Corp.330,578$819,833
Vringo Inc.1,391,600$818,817
Bear State Financial Inc.85,986$812,568
Espey Manufacturing & Electronics Corp.30,766$811,299
Arotech Corp.334,820$810,264
FX Energy Inc.858,886$798,850
General Moly Inc.1,063,551$796,600
aTyr Pharma Inc.34,767$795,817
InterCloud Systems Inc.273,988$789,085
Innovative Solutions & Support Inc.238,921$788,439
CVD Equipment Corp.72,268$777,604
Enzon Pharmaceuticals Inc.591,551$774,932
Timberland Bancorp Inc./WA73,350$773,843
Gencor Industries Inc.78,153$768,244
Comstock Mining Inc.1,064,293$766,291
Coastway Bancorp Inc.69,446$765,295
Ballantyne Strong Inc.163,571$762,241
Aldeyra Therapeutics Inc.101,870$758,932
Midstates Petroleum Co. Inc.616,599$752,251
ImmunoCellular Therapeutics Ltd.1,547,621$751,834
Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corp.175,999$751,516
First Marblehead Corp.120,617$747,825
Atlantic Coast Financial Corp.171,014$745,621
Iteris Inc.417,153$742,532
AxoGen Inc.242,639$742,475
NL Industries Inc.92,843$739,030
NetSol Technologies Inc.137,765$734,287
Security National Financial Corp. Class A113,311$722,924
Stanley Furniture Co. Inc.230,972$720,633
Westell Technologies Inc. Class A696,943$717,851
22nd Century Group Inc.669,515$716,381
US Geothermal Inc.1,375,116$708,185
US Global Investors Inc. Class A231,835$707,097
Retractable Technologies Inc.175,484$705,446
RELM Wireless Corp.126,563$702,425
Salem Media Group Inc. Class A148,814$699,426
YOU On Demand Holdings Inc.325,761$697,129
Eastern Virginia Bankshares Inc.117,274$696,608
Spark Energy Inc. Class A50,332$696,595
PAR Technology Corp.170,416$693,593
1347 Property Insurance Holdings Inc.86,788$689,965
FalconStor Software Inc.476,855$686,671
Cerulean Pharma Inc.115,279$685,910
Tecumseh Products Co.226,847$678,273
Bankwell Financial Group Inc.37,266$676,005
Transcat Inc.64,149$670,357
Baylake Corp.52,942$669,187
Biocept Inc.215,365$667,632
3809 Holdings
3301-3350 of 3809 | <Prev  Next>