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Vanguard Total Stock Market Fund

as of:
Stock Holdings

3781 Holdings
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Holding Shares Market Value
Cambium Learning Group Inc.244,281$771,928
Coastway Bancorp Inc.69,446$770,156
Iteris Inc.417,153$759,218
RELM Wireless Corp.123,863$755,564
Lincoln Educational Services Corp.330,578$753,718
First Marblehead Corp.120,617$751,444
Patriot Transportation Holding Inc.30,073$750,923
ImmunoCellular Therapeutics Ltd.1,547,621$750,596
Cardica Inc.1,191,779$750,463
eGain Corp.227,199$749,757
US Global Investors Inc. Class A231,835$740,713
Spark Energy Inc. Class A50,132$739,447
FalconStor Software Inc.476,855$739,125
Veracyte Inc.101,153$736,394
Eastern Virginia Bankshares Inc.117,274$734,135
Ideal Power Inc.77,301$732,040
NetSol Technologies Inc.125,423$728,708
Walter Energy Inc.1,173,514$727,579
Stanley Furniture Co. Inc.230,972$727,562
Zion Oil & Gas Inc.416,549$724,795
NL Industries Inc.92,843$719,533
Ballantyne Strong Inc.158,547$718,218
Misonix Inc.54,837$715,623
Reed's Inc.127,919$715,067
PAR Technology Corp.170,416$714,043
Midway Gold Corp.2,218,101$709,792
Atlantic Coast Financial Corp.171,014$709,708
Eleven Biotherapeutics Inc.79,313$707,472
Celator Pharmaceuticals Inc.284,816$703,496
Entellus Medical Inc.32,016$701,150
Bankwell Financial Group Inc.36,723$701,042
Resolute Energy Corp.1,241,103$699,237
YOU On Demand Holdings Inc.325,761$693,871
Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corp.175,999$693,436
Streamline Health Solutions Inc.191,737$684,501
American Superconductor Corp.105,786$681,262
Retractable Technologies Inc.175,484$680,878
Tandy Leather Factory Inc.77,119$680,190
Ryerson Holding Corp.105,810$674,010
Baylake Corp.52,942$669,187
US Geothermal Inc.1,372,816$655,794
BlueLinx Holdings Inc.597,002$644,762
Ignite Restaurant Group Inc.132,916$644,643
Resonant Inc.90,940$642,946
Hemispherx Biopharma Inc.2,817,887$642,478
Tecumseh Products Co.226,747$641,694
1347 Property Insurance Holdings Inc.84,185$638,964
Comstock Mining Inc.1,063,693$638,216
S&W Seed Co.138,057$637,823
3781 Holdings
3301-3350 of 3781 | <Prev  Next>