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Vanguard Total Stock Market Fund

as of:
Stock Holdings

3783 Holdings
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Holding Shares Market Value
Ideal Power Inc.120,801$1,001,440
Aviat Networks Inc.980,603$1,000,215
Synthesis Energy Systems Inc.1,094,347$997,497
Caladrius Biosciences Inc.803,356$996,161
Spark Energy Inc. Class A58,582$993,551
Universal Stainless & Alloy Products Inc.113,899$990,921
Salem Media Group Inc. Class A156,973$987,360
ClearSign Combustion Corp.175,508$986,355
FalconStor Software Inc.492,879$985,758
Ultralife Corp.144,109$977,059
Breeze-Eastern Corp.47,816$975,446
SCYNEXIS Inc.152,100$971,919
Frequency Electronics Inc.88,389$965,208
Inuvo Inc.336,297$965,172
Mitcham Industries Inc.217,080$963,835
Apricus Biosciences Inc.729,018$962,304
LeapFrog Enterprises Inc.1,202,231$961,785
Christopher & Banks Corp.655,885$957,592
Maui Land & Pineapple Co. Inc.183,834$955,937
AdCare Health Systems Inc.298,748$953,006
Bear State Financial Inc.86,686$949,212
22nd Century Group Inc.669,515$944,016
Galectin Therapeutics Inc.345,606$943,504
Westell Technologies Inc. Class A696,943$940,873
Castle Brands Inc.720,660$936,858
CVD Equipment Corp.78,089$933,164
NanoViricides Inc.765,867$926,699
OncoGenex Pharmaceuticals Inc.437,026$904,644
MRV Communications Inc.72,174$898,566
Hubbell Inc. Class A7,600$898,054
TearLab Corp.459,841$896,690
PAR Technology Corp.170,416$896,388
Good Times Restaurants Inc.150,843$894,499
Timberland Bancorp Inc./WA73,350$889,736
AM Castle & Co.370,719$886,018
Amber Road Inc.218,372$877,855
Volt Information Sciences Inc.101,733$876,938
SFX Entertainment Inc.942,164$876,307
Zion Oil & Gas Inc.435,840$871,680
Conatus Pharmaceuticals Inc.219,865$870,665
MEI Pharma Inc.482,002$862,784
AmeriServ Financial Inc.260,540$862,387
Ocera Therapeutics Inc.264,414$861,990
Cancer Genetics Inc.132,185$859,203
IRIDEX Corp.107,001$858,148
Towerstream Corp.1,074,829$855,564
BIND Therapeutics Inc.183,435$849,304
Carbylan Therapeutics Inc.234,831$845,392
Repros Therapeutics Inc.493,454$843,806
Trans World Entertainment Corp.221,396$841,305
3783 Holdings
3201-3250 of 3783 | <Prev  Next>