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Vanguard Total Stock Market Fund

as of:
Stock Holdings

3792 Holdings
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Holding Shares Market Value
Vertex Energy Inc.279,158$971,470
Uni-Pixel Inc.186,960$970,322
Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide Inc.387,718 $969,295
MediciNova Inc.255,912$967,347
Frequency Electronics Inc.84,389$962,457
MOCON Inc.55,414$961,433
Emmis Communications Corp. Class A477,309$959,391
Argos Therapeutics Inc.115,127$957,857
Delta Apparel Inc.103,278$955,322
New York & Co. Inc.414,760$953,948
Pure Cycle Corp.228,140$953,625
Iridex Corp.105,201$952,069
Shore Bancshares Inc.102,597$949,022
Molycorp Inc.2,872,722$947,998
Lakeland Industries Inc.111,042$943,857
Innovative Solutions & Support Inc.238,921$941,349
Tonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corp.155,465$937,454
Sterling Construction Co. Inc.269,082$933,715
MBT Financial Corp.181,717$932,208
First Internet Bancorp58,551$930,375
Bear State Financial Inc.85,986$930,369
Meru Networks Inc.287,128$927,423
AdCare Health Systems Inc.230,848$923,392
Eleven Biotherapeutics Inc.79,313$920,031
Cumberland Pharmaceuticals Inc.157,970$917,806
Alexza Pharmaceuticals Inc.425,033$909,571
Apricus Biosciences Inc.654,162$909,285
Cancer Genetics Inc.119,735$908,789
MeetMe Inc.559,473$906,346
GlycoMimetics Inc.122,530$901,821
USA Technologies Inc.457,637$901,545
NeoPhotonics Corp.297,490$892,470
Northeast Bancorp99,071$890,648
Cyan Inc.305,977$890,393
Resolute Energy Corp.1,216,749$888,227
Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corp. Class A38,986$886,932
Marrone Bio Innovations Inc.258,764$879,798
ClearOne Inc.82,813$879,474
Cosi Inc.341,339$877,241
Innodata Inc.306,390$876,275
Napco Security Technologies Inc.175,926$874,352
Erickson Inc.123,800$872,790
Genocea Biosciences Inc.101,545$871,256
Westell Technologies Inc. Class A696,943$871,179
First Acceptance Corp.371,196$864,887
Huttig Building Products Inc.269,796$863,347
Lincoln Educational Services Corp.330,578$859,503
Impac Mortgage Holdings Inc.90,648$859,343
Key Technology Inc.67,025$857,920
Bellicum Pharmaceuticals Inc.34,714$857,783
3792 Holdings
3201-3250 of 3792 | <Prev  Next>