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Vanguard Total Stock Market Fund
Stock Holdings as of 03/31/2014

3684 Holdings
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Holding Shares Market Value
AXT Inc.429,847$945,663
Bank of Commerce Holdings139,900$941,527
StemCells Inc.697,824$935,084
General Moly Inc.943,287$933,854
Ameriana Bancorp68,169$933,574
Magnetek Inc.49,099$932,881
Ikanos Communications Inc.1,072,149$932,770
Netlist Inc.490,166$931,315
Mattersight Corp.134,000$928,620
Northeast Bancorp99,071$927,305
American Apparel Inc.1,850,025$926,863
First Acceptance Corp.371,196$924,278
US Geothermal Inc.1,217,484$913,113
Document Security Systems Inc.708,006$906,248
Identive Group Inc.801,478$905,670
Alliance Bancorp Inc. of Pennsylvania58,843$903,240
American River Bankshares96,557$891,221
SL Industries Inc.36,028$884,848
Covisint Corp.120,499$883,258
Synergetics USA Inc.289,440$882,792
Streamline Health Solutions Inc.175,220$881,357
Smith Micro Software Inc.442,123$879,825
Primo Water Corp.225,431$876,927
Key Technology Inc.67,025$876,017
QCR Holdings Inc.50,885$873,187
Innodata Inc.299,266$870,864
Frequency Electronics Inc.79,528$859,698
Verso Paper Corp.296,961$858,217
Gevo Inc.728,825$852,725
Riverview Bancorp Inc.249,239$849,905
Hubbell Inc. Class A7,600$845,044
Iridex Corp.94,200$841,206
CyberOptics Corp.100,886$838,363
PAR Technology Corp.170,216$832,356
Veracyte Inc.48,516$831,079
Shore Bancshares Inc.86,871$826,143
Tandem Diabetes Care Inc.37,280$823,515
Peoples Federal Bancshares Inc.45,951$822,523
Premier Financial Bancorp Inc.56,957$816,763
Cheviot Financial Corp.78,989$815,956
PDI Inc.177,317$812,112
Columbia Laboratories Inc.112,477$812,084
Active Power Inc.244,883$810,563
Cache Inc.245,468$807,590
Achaogen Inc.52,200$807,012
MicroFinancial Inc.101,793$801,111
Intersections Inc.135,760$800,984
Parametric Sound Corp.56,936$800,520
dELiA*s Inc.951,199$799,007
S&W Seed Co.107,757$798,479
3684 Holdings
3151-3200 of 3684 | <Prev  Next>

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