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Vanguard Total Stock Market Fund

as of:
Stock Holdings

3743 Holdings
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Holding Shares Market Value
Christopher & Banks Corp.655,885$1,082,210
Synthesis Energy Systems Inc.1,117,647$1,071,823
Atlantic Coast Financial Corp.182,552$1,069,755
Ultralife Corp.165,009$1,065,958
Radiant Logistics Inc.310,329$1,064,428 Inc.1,053,784$1,064,322
Lifeway Foods Inc.95,840$1,063,824
aTyr Pharma Inc.108,007$1,061,709
Universal Stainless & Alloy Products Inc.113,899$1,058,122
Aware Inc.323,417$1,054,339
Northeast Bancorp99,071$1,040,246
Naugatuck Valley Financial Corp.94,777$1,037,808
Tracon Pharmaceuticals Inc.111,895$1,033,910
Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corp. Class A38,986$1,033,129
Rexahn Pharmaceuticals Inc.2,845,469$1,032,905
Appfolio Inc.70,210$1,025,066
Asterias Biotherapeutics Inc.260,159$1,022,425
MediciNova Inc.286,212$1,016,053
Unilife Corp.2,046,607$1,013,275
Marine Products Corp.166,467$1,005,461
Maui Land & Pineapple Co. Inc.183,834$1,003,734
Global Power Equipment Group Inc.287,939$1,002,028
IRIDEX Corp.107,201$995,897
Ideal Power Inc.124,302$994,416
Empire Resorts Inc.54,664$983,952
Orion Energy Systems Inc.453,341$983,750
Vericel Corp.381,091$983,215
eGain Corp.227,199$974,684
New York & Co. Inc.425,060$973,387
FalconStor Software Inc.517,449$972,804
National Research Corp. Class B26,971$966,101
22nd Century Group Inc.685,715$960,001
US Geothermal Inc.1,534,806$959,254
ARI Network Services Inc.212,114$954,513
Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corp.175,999$950,395
Breeze-Eastern Corp.47,816$946,757
SCYNEXIS Inc.152,100$944,541
Hallador Energy Co.206,031$939,501
Frequency Electronics Inc.88,389$938,691
Inuvo Inc.346,977$936,838
Kindred Biosciences Inc.274,066$931,824
LS Starrett Co. Class A95,823$931,400
ID Systems Inc.202,190$930,074
Digital Turbine Inc.699,068$929,760
Radio One Inc.538,531$926,273
InfuSystems Holdings Inc.303,633$926,081
Veracyte Inc.127,777$919,994
Datawatch Corp.153,785$919,634
Iteris Inc.426,979$918,005
MRV Communications Inc.75,244$917,977
3743 Holdings
3151-3200 of 3743 | <Prev  Next>