Vanguard Emerging Markets Stock Index Fund

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4340 Holdings
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Holding Shares Market Value
Shanghai Environment Group Co Ltd138,612$0
Shanghai Chengtou Holdings238,530$0
Ya Hsin Industrial Co. Ltd.5,306,018$2
Asya Katilim Bankasi AS6,317,442$17
Ping An Bank Co. Ltd. Class A4,000$5,323
Midea Group Co. Ltd. Class A2,000$9,665
Empresas ICA SAB de CV104,678$10,399
Hidili Industry International Development Ltd.260,000$13,215
China Merchants Shekou Industrial Zone Holdings Co. Ltd. Class A 6,000$15,325
ENN Ecological Holdings Co. Ltd. Class A8,300$17,407
Shanghai 3F New Materials Co. Class A9,500$19,105
China Hi-Tech Group Co. Class A16,500$27,487
Taiwan Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.53,000$45,579
Anhui Kouzi Distillery Co. Ltd. Class A10,400$52,713
COSCO SHIPPING Energy Transportation Co. Ltd. Class A53,000 $55,079
Shandong Hongda Mining Co. Ltd. Class A27,800$59,955
Huatai Securities Co. Ltd. Class A28,800$70,283
China International Marine Containers Group Co. Ltd. Class A30,200 $70,576
COSCO SHIPPING Specialized Carriers Co. Ltd. Class A67,400 $72,297
Chongqing Iron & Steel Co. Ltd. Class A206,200$75,397
Xinjiang Xinxin Mining Industry Co. Ltd.577,000$76,484
Shanghai Jinqiao Export Processing Zone Development Co. Ltd. Class A 31,100$79,483
Maoye International Holdings Ltd.824,000$79,525
Zhonglu Co. Ltd. Class A19,300$80,171
Gerdau SA26,700$89,978
Hongfa Technology Co. Ltd. Class A17,100$90,140
Huaxin Cement Co. Ltd. Class A65,900$94,812
Anhui Hengyuan Coal Industry and Electricity Power Co. Ltd. Class A 74,500$95,046
Fraser & Neave Holdings Bhd.17,800$99,250
Yang Quan Coal Industry Group Co. Ltd. Class A100,700$100,121
Jiangsu Wuzhong Industrial Co. Class A45,400$102,482
Shandong Tyan Home Co. Ltd. Class A51,734$103,066
Xinjiang Qingsong Building Materials and Chemicals Group Co. Ltd. Class A 102,800$103,731
Sinovel Wind Group Co. Ltd. Class A321,200$104,876
Inzone Group Co. Ltd. Class A78,132$106,023
JITF Infralogistics Ltd.93,891$106,854
Sichuan EM Technology Co. Ltd. Class A97,800$108,160
Malaysian Bulk Carriers Bhd.578,700$111,257
Datong Coal Industry Co. Ltd. Class A125,300$111,844
Jiangsu Protruly Vision Technology Group Co. Ltd. Class A60,600 $113,389
SPIC Yuanda Environmental-Protection Co. Ltd. Class A68,861 $115,104
New China Life Insurance Co. Ltd. Class A19,000$116,342
Kailuan Energy Chemical Co. Ltd. Class A121,600$116,828
Shanghai Tongji Science & Technology Industrial Co. Ltd. Class A 93,600$117,673
Guizhou Changzheng Tiancheng Holding Co. Ltd. Class A81,200 $125,053
China Animal Husbandry Industry Co. Ltd. Class A44,200 $129,283
RHB Bank Bhd.11,952,935$130,804
Qingdao Haier Co. Ltd. Class A75,300$133,130
Chengdu B-Ray Media Co. Ltd. Class A115,100$133,699
Shanghai Fudan Forward S & T Co. Ltd. Class A117,520$140,533
4340 Holdings
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