Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund

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Stock Holdings

3620 Holdings
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Holding Shares Market Value
EnSite Power Inc.63,895$1
Allen Organ Co. Escrow Shares11,462$1
CTPartners Executive Search Inc.100,659$10
Gerber Scientific Inc. CVR388,581$39
NorthStar Realty Europe Corp.22$204
Porter Bancorp Inc.200$320
Sajan Inc.100$443
Bridgford Foods Corp.57$781
Xtant Medical Holdings Inc.900$1,620
Cerecor Inc.500$1,900
Baldwin & Lyons Inc.125$3,097
OpGen Inc.1,500$3,495
Beasley Broadcast Group Inc. Class A733$3,885
Glowpoint Inc.12,965$4,149
Electro-Sensors Inc.1,300$4,563
Intelligent Systems Corp.1,383$5,477
ONE Group Hospitality Inc.2,677$6,585
Universal Travel Group42,843$6,855
Histogenics Corp.3,670$6,973
Medovex Corp.5,693$7,401
Pro-Dex Inc.1,600$8,816
Lake Shore Bancorp Inc.700$9,352
Greif Inc. Class B197$10,435
Allied Healthcare Products Inc.16,364$10,723
Roka Bioscience Inc.13,614$11,553
National Security Group Inc.600$11,640
Otelco Inc. Class A2,754$11,649
ITUS Corp.3,799$12,081
TOR Minerals International Inc.2,580$12,668
Finjan Holdings Inc.6,800$12,852
Viacom Inc. Class A300$14,892
SMTC Corp.9,000$15,210
Network-1 Technologies Inc.6,471$15,919
Unico American Corp.1,600$16,608
Vestin Realty Mortgage II Inc.9,410$18,914
Tel-Instrument Electronics Corp.4,297$19,014
Transgenomic Inc.53,000$19,663
SPAR Group Inc.19,446$20,613
Ocean Bio-Chem Inc.9,942$21,176
Art's-Way Manufacturing Co. Inc.7,669$21,550
Cartesian Inc.33,694$24,327
Koss Corp.12,072$24,868
Haverty Furniture Cos. Inc. Class A1,375$25,939
Jaguar Animal Health Inc.15,901$26,555
Cordia Bancorp Inc.5,680$28,798
Aeglea BioTherapeutics Inc.6,383$30,383
Payment Data Systems Inc.19,016$31,376
Milestone Scientific Inc.10,745$31,483
Micronet Enertec Technologies Inc.19,850$34,142
AeroCentury Corp.3,772$34,797
3620 Holdings
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