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2268 Holdings
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Holding Shares Market Value
NetMind Financial Holdings Ltd.24,144,000$217,068
Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp.23,907,000 $2,895,324
Mizuho Financial Group, Inc. Private Placement Restricted From Trade 23,793,341$40,062,102
G-Resources Group Ltd.20,139,000$353,851
China Baoli Technologies Holdings Ltd.17,250,000$537,188
China LNG Group Ltd.16,820,000$491,233
Lai Sun Development Co. Ltd.15,930,000$325,821
China Strategic Holdings Ltd.13,490,000$319,487
Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc.12,934,024$66,737,127
Sino Oil And Gas Holdings Ltd.12,815,000$314,588
Freeman FinTech Corp. Ltd.11,966,489$816,153
Suncorp Technologies Ltd.11,530,000$112,633
AIA Group Ltd.11,502,645$72,363,225
Nan Hai Corp. Ltd.11,450,000$375,487
Convoy Global Holdings Ltd.10,734,000$331,319
BEP International Holdings Ltd.9,130,000$599,207
China Goldjoy Group Ltd.9,020,000$871,048
China Ocean Industry Group Ltd.8,825,000$259,202
Noble Group Ltd.8,481,304$1,008,446
New Sports Group Ltd.8,060,000$103,760
Hong Kong & China Gas Co. Ltd.7,143,332$13,954,224
Singapore Telecommunications Ltd.6,954,409$19,381,437
WH Group Ltd.6,921,665$5,605,832
China LotSynergy Holdings Ltd.6,680,000$270,472
Qianhai Health Holdings Ltd.6,522,500$137,973
China Jicheng Holdings Ltd.6,400,782$213,469
Golden Agri-Resources Ltd.6,275,963$1,732,982
Global Brands Group Holding Ltd.6,113,259$692,423
GCL New Energy Holdings Ltd.6,032,000$360,732
Genting Singapore plc5,749,197$3,076,493
Want Want China Holdings Ltd.5,612,000$3,416,396
Li & Fung Ltd.5,585,259$2,745,581
Peace Map Holding Ltd.5,520,000$130,546
South32 Ltd.5,079,710$9,913,232
New World Development Co. Ltd.5,018,870$6,239,711
CP Pokphand Co. Ltd.4,996,000$637,014
Hutchison Port Holdings Trust4,907,539$2,179,982
Gemdale Properties & Investment Corp. Ltd.4,906,000$322,902
Scentre Group4,866,177$15,574,491
Beijing Enterprises Medical & Health Group Ltd.4,866,000 $281,727
Yanchang Petroleum International Ltd.4,510,000$127,436
Hitachi Ltd.4,411,258$23,515,954
China Oceanwide Holdings Ltd.4,297,000$437,236
Telstra Corp. Ltd.4,096,864$15,494,214
China Medical & HealthCare Group Ltd.4,073,039$233,070
Tou Rong Chang Fu Group Ltd.4,044,000$83,279
China Financial International Investments Ltd.4,010,000 $203,946
PCCW Ltd.3,931,143$2,340,002
Kong Sun Holdings Ltd.3,825,000$192,346
Town Health International Medical Group Ltd.3,730,000$596,035
2268 Holdings
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