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Should I Roll Over Company Stock?

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If you have company stock in your retirement plan when you change jobs or retire, you can move the shares to a Vanguard Brokerage Services® account. If you choose, you can roll the shares into a self-directed IRA. A Vanguard Brokerage IRA will also give you access to stocks listed on every U.S. exchange, bonds, and thousands of funds from hundreds of mutual fund companies.

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If you have shares of company stock in your retirement plan and you want to keep them invested in that stock when your plan assets are distributed after you change jobs or retire, you can:

  • Hold your shares outside a retirement account.
  • Roll over your shares to a traditional IRA.
  • Roll over your shares to a traditional IRA and then convert to a Roth IRA.

Use this calculator to assess the general tax implications of each option. For more complete guidance, consult a tax advisor.

Some plans have restrictions on holding shares outside of the employer-sponsored plan. Consult your plan administrator for details.

1. Were you under age 55 when you left your employer?


Yes No

2. What is your federal income tax filing status?


3. When you file your taxes, how much will you declare as taxable income?


4. What is your state tax rate?


5. What is the total cost basis of your company stock? (Your most recent plan statement, or your plan administrator or recordkeeper, can provide the cost basis of your shares.)


6. What is the total current market value of your company stock?


7. For how many years will you hold the stock before you sell it?


8. What average annual total return do you expect you'll earn from your stock?


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